Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical Solutions
23. October 2020

Troy, MI (October 23, 2020) – MetalForming Magazine and SIMPAC America, North American subsidiary of South Korea’s SIMPAC Inc., inform readers about the continual relevancy of mechanical press systems despite the current industry’s focus towards servo solutions.

“Mechanical presses are still highly recommended for the ever-growing EV market as these presses have proven capabilities to handle the aluminum and high-strength steel required for battery production and also other general stamped parts,” explains Stephan Robertson, General Manager/VP of Sales & Operations at SIMPAC America. “SIMPAC enjoys working closely with our customer base and finding optimal and flexible solutions for their specific needs. Servomechanical presses are very expensive, and press manufacturers truly catering to the customer understand that servo technology is not always the best solution for the production of various products.”

Read the full article for which SIMPAC showcases examples of its mechanical press portfolio with press capacities ranging from 39-3,375 US Tons. Or, find the hyperlinks below for the technical specifications of SIMPAC’s recommended mechanical presses: the CS Series, MC Series, and DTE Series.  

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SIMPAC America Co. Ltd.

SIMPAC America is the North American division of SIMPAC Inc.; SIMPAC Inc. is renowned for its two divisions, “Presses” (forming systems) and “Metals” (ferroalloy manufacturing), while SIMPAC Industries is prominent in foundry products, industrial machinery, and component production. Both SIMPAC Inc. and SIMPAC Industries are owned by South Korea's SIMPAC Group, under the umbrella of SIMPAC Holdings.

Founded in 1973, SIMPAC holds almost 50% of the market share in its home market of South Korea. Since 2004, over 10 sales and service branches were established in Asia, Europe, the United States and Mexico – marking the company's footprint as a global leader of metal forming technology. With almost 700 employees, SIMPAC Group posted sales close to $540MM USD (480MM Euros) in 2018.

SIMPAC ensures time and cost-efficient production of high-quality, sophisticated products with its extensive production capabilities and state-of-the art machine park. Competitive advantages of SIMPAC's press systems, manufactured exclusively at the company's South Korean plants, include continuous improvements derived from insights of global markets and value-added manufacturing concepts pertaining to SIMPAC Group.

SIMPAC's wide product range includes mechanical, servo, and hydraulic presses along with tandem lines and automation solutions. Customers are acquired from various branches of the metalworking industry (i.e. automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers, home appliances and household goods, furniture and electronics industries, and the military & aerospace industry).