Mechanical presses

Mechanical presses

Stamping presses

  • Models: MC, MCL, MX, DA/DAH
  • Press capacity: 225 - 1,350 US t
  • Slide kinematics: crank, link, servo

Forming presses

  • Models: DE/DTE, DL/DTL, SX
  • Press capacity: 450 - 3,375 US t
  • Slide kinematics: crank, link, servo

Simpac America Co. Ltd.

Simpac is South Korea's market leader in forming technology and, with over 40 years of experience, is also one of the leading international press manufacturers. The customers of Simpac belong to various branches of the metal processing industry: Automotive industry and its suppliers, manufacturers of domestic appliances and household goods, companies in the furniture and electronics industry and companies in the aerospace industry.

The wide product range includes mechanical and hydraulic presses, servo presses, tandem lines and automation solutions. Simpac also has an extensive service network with local contractual partners worldwide. With the establishment of a second research and development center in Germany in 2017, the Simpac Holding employs around 680 people in eight countries.