SIMPAC & Elm Park Labs Disrupt the Metal Forming Industry with New Extended Reality (XR) Tool //
Tuesday, 04 May 2021
Troy, MI (May 4, 2021) – SIMPAC America, North American subsidiary of South Korea’s leading press manufacturer, SIMPAC Inc., and Elm Park Labs, a Michigan-based, women-owned computer software company, have partnered together to create an exclusive extended reality (XR) tool that will change business practices and operations within the metal forming industry for the foreseeable future.
The collaboration is set to complete three project phases – for which each phase will disrupt crucial business practices within the metal forming industry: sales and marketing, buy-offs and installations, and service and operational support. The kick-off project will be an augmented reality (AR) sales and marketing software tool that will showcase SIMPAC’s CX-200 press, a press from the manufacturer’s new CX Series. The CX Series and its IIOT technology was designed specifically to accelerate small part production of stamped parts for the appliance, automotive, and other general industries.
“We are very proud to have made such a strategic partnership with Elm Park Labs,” says YH Kim, President of North American Operations at SIMPAC America. “Together, we are expanding upon SIMPAC’s IIOT portfolio while supporting our customers as they dive deeper into Industry and Digitalization 4.0.”
The first phase of SIMPAC and Elm Park Lab’s XR tool will be unveiled throughout multiple events and conferences as a part of a thought leadership case study for the metal forming industry to utilize for its own benefit. The first in-depth analysis of this tool will be made available to the public through an exclusive webinar hosted by MetalForming Magazine on June 10, 2021, at 1:30pm EST. The webinar will capture exactly how the low latency experience works, why the tool was created, and what impact it will have for press manufacturers, capital equipment suppliers, plant managers, and other key players within the manufacturing industry. From there, SIMPAC is scheduled to speak about the revolutionary technology at FABTECH Chicago’s Call for Speakers symposium (with a live demo of the XR technology to take place at SIMPAC’s booth, Hall D, #D46931) and PMA’s Internet of Things Experience for Manufacturers this fall.
View the full press release here for more details pertaining to the new XR tool.

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