Turnkey Solutions

SIMPAC has been building presses for the metal forming industry since 1973. Our extensive production capabilities, massive inventory of plate, and casting, gear, and fabrication shops ensure competitive time and cost-efficient production of high-quality, sophisticated press systems. In collaboration with our partners for automation equipment, SIMPAC also supplies turnkey forming systems. Due to our select range of preferred suppliers, we are able to achieve customized automation solutions per specific customer requirements. For more information about our automation solutions, please contact support@simpac-america.com.

Coil Feed Lines //

Coil feed lines are used for automated material feeding of sheet metal strips (coils) and usually consist of a decoiler, leveler, loop pit, and roll feed. SIMPAC’s modular concepts enable flexible configuration for different requirements such as material processing, dynamics, and space specifications.

Blanking Lines //

SIMPAC offers various stacking systems for magnetic, non-magnetic, and aluminum blanks – designed to meet the latest industry demands. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, SIMPAC is able to provide excellent leveling accuracy, per material rigidity, and tuning control systems that are associated with SIMPAC’s presses.

Robot Lines //

SIMPAC’s robotic automation features easy-to-install systems that provide centralized control and quick changeovers for higher throughput, better quality, and safer operations. Robotic solutions are optimized for small, medium, and large press lines.

Transfer Systems //

Transfer systems move blanks and parts within single presses or between linked presses. The systems are flexible and modular. SIMPAC’s transfer systems allow operators to run parts as wide as the press window due to the PLC-based interface. The various sizes cover a wide range of applications – from small stamped parts to large body parts. Modules move offline quickly and easily, providing optimal access for die maintenance and change over.

Destackers //

Destackers are used in production with transfer presses and perform the destacking and feeding of magnetic/non-magnetic blanks or pre-formed parts. The systems offer high flexibility in terms of materials, dimensions, and geometrical shapes.