SIMPAC America Rebrands With New Company Website //
Wednesday, 30 June 2021
Troy, MI (June 30, 2021) – SIMPAC America, the North American subsidiary of South Korea’s leading press manufacturer, SIMPAC Inc., launched its brand-new company website to kick off its rebranding strategy.
The new website highlights SIMPAC’s product portfolio that is specific to the North American market, while also incorporating user-friendly technical specifications that can easily be switched from metric to imperial measurements. The site provides a greater understanding of SIMPAC America’s turnkey automation, service, and support solutions that will help the metal forming industry uphold on-time production at scale. Other features include an interactive globe for viewers to see SIMPAC locations at a glance and customer testimonial and installation videos from leading Tier 1 suppliers.
“COVID-19 definitely provided us with a unique opportunity to find innovative ways of supporting our customers and the economy,” explains Stephan Robertson, General Manager/VP of Sales & Operations at SIMPAC America. “We knew that the first step was to find new ways of introducing remote interaction throughout sales and buy-off practices, which is where our XR Tool with Elm Park Labs comes into play. That was a project managed ‘behind the scenes,’ so to speak. Externally, we knew the next priority was becoming an informational resource for the market. As such, we provided pertinent data to EV ramp-ups with our EV Webinar Series. The Series was created even before the old or new Administration began making public announcements about the EV movement. We are now moving forward with a complete rebranding towards a digital focus.”
View the full press release here for more details pertaining to the new website.

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